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Page history last edited by Lilian Marchesoni 6 years, 3 months ago



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“If we can make our classrooms places where students enjoy coming because the content is interesting and relevant to their age and level of ability, where the learning goals are challenging yet manageable and clear, and where the atmosphere is supportive and non-threatening, we can make a positive contribution to students’ motivation to learn.”

(Lightbown & Spada 2003)




Comments (14)

Patricia Faustino said

at 9:56 am on Aug 4, 2009

I am absolutely filled with amazement! Congratulations! You've done great work with all the creativity you've got! All the activities are really very nice! In fact, with the sound and color, they even seem more fun than when it is done with paper or board.
Really nice work!

Lilian Marchesoni said

at 1:03 am on Aug 5, 2009

Thanks a lot Paty!!! When you use one of the activities, please leave a comment saying how it worked and if your students liked it!

Marcella Brotto said

at 9:27 pm on Aug 13, 2009

Hi Lilian,
I couldn't agree more with Pat. You are such a talent and we are so lucky to have you around. Thanks for all the great ideas, which have really motivated me to get more "technological".

Lilian Marchesoni said

at 4:52 am on Aug 14, 2009

Thanks Marcella! That was a nice thing to hear... The purpose is really to get teachers to become producers of technological tools.... Feel free to use the resources and then, to create your own games! Nice to have you around, too! =]

Patricia Ferreira said

at 9:43 am on Sep 14, 2009


This is Patricia Ferreira from Asa Norte. I haven´t managed to download your games and activities. How can I get hold of them??? Thanks,

Lilian Marchesoni said

at 9:48 am on Sep 14, 2009

Hi Patrícia! In order to download the activities, first you need to check the extension of the file. .ppt and .doc will open with PowerPoint and Word , respectively. However, some of the games are .pptx and .docx and will only open if you have PowerPoint 2007 and Word 2007. Let me know if you need any other help! =]

Mariana Sucena said

at 7:49 am on Oct 16, 2009

Hi Lilian! The botton of the ocean is just FANTASTIC!!! Congratulations for your great work!!!!
Mariana Sucena

Lilian Marchesoni said

at 1:38 am on Oct 17, 2009

Thanks Mariana! 'That's so sweet...

Lúcia said

at 9:25 pm on Nov 4, 2009

Hi, Lilian! :)
Once more I want to thank you for your great help. Your work is just sensational!!! Very creative, well devised, and didactic. But what really amazes me is your great capacity for sharing the bearings of your GIFT and your readiness to help us whenever we need. I'm looking foward to seiing Spiderman in action.


Lúcia Carneiro

Lilian Marchesoni said

at 2:16 am on Nov 7, 2009

Thanks Lúcia! The power of sharing is just amazing...

natzyelly said

at 2:12 pm on Jul 27, 2011

Thank you very mucho for accepting my request. Congratulation on the site, I find it very very useful.

natzyelly said

at 2:14 pm on Jul 27, 2011

I would like to share a Wiki with resources for preschool, if you are interested, go to: http://helloteacher.pbworks.com/w/page/41167387/HOME

Lilian Marchesoni said

at 11:54 pm on Jul 27, 2011

Hi Natzyelly! Thank you for joining... I just took a look at your wiki, it looks so nice! Congrats!

natzyelly said

at 11:23 pm on Sep 3, 2011

:) thanks.

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